The Premier Open Water Swim in the Florida Keys

2nd Annual Swim For Alligator Lighthouse





Dear Swimmers…

A final briefing from Your Race Director,

For any questions regarding the race, please call or text (786) 529-8187…

Check In on Friday afternoon from 2-8PM is on Morada Way across the street from Morada Way Clay located at 81549 Old Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036.

Dinner Friday Night is at The Islamorada MOOSE lodge: 81573 Old Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036.  There is a special on the Pasta Dinner but they have many other Items for you to choose from. If you need to reserve or have not reserved the dinner yet, please select register now when logging in to

Remember that Safety is first… Please take some time to read these guidelines for safety…

  • All swimmers on a team will start Inside their boat, the first swimmer on the relay will not enter the water until the boat has reached the first buoy on the course. 4 Man relays will leave in numerical order every single minute. It is very important that your boat is stationed close to the beach to hear the PA system or your boat captain is tuned in to his/her VHF Radio Channel 68.  The reason for this is a request by Islamorada Safety Officials to ensure that boats are well spread apart and swimmer safety is not compromised.  Make sure that your final leg swimmer has the timing chip on so that your official time can be collected for results.  It is important that you start when instructed so that our team results are accurate.
  • Kayaks or Paddleboards can come all the way to shore for the finish. 4 man teams racing with kayaks will go in the appropriate slot with all other motorboats.

– If you pull out of the race for any reason, make sure you bring your timing chip back to the Timers Tent on site… DO NOT CROSS THE FINISH LINE IN THIS INSTANCE.

– If you happen to pull your cap off during the swim, make sure you always have a forward motion… if you remain a stand still, the safety crews have been instructed to approach you to see if you need help.


– Jellyfish have really lessened.  We recommend you are prepared with vinegar, aloe, or ammonia in spray bottles.  A good preventor can be vaseline.

– It is important that every swimmer that goes in comes back to the Finish Line.  If you have to pull out for any reason, please have your support craft or one of the support vessels bring you back to the Start/Finish Area.

– All boats and Kayaks should have PFDs in case of an emergency, accident, or strong currents, Boats should have air horns to call for emergencies.

– There will be a support boat safety zone behind a Finis branded buoy, it is the only all yellow buoy on the course.  This is where team members can get on their support boat and continue the relay.

– Safety briefing for all swimmers will be prior to the start of all races… For boats, briefing and notifications will be given on Radio VHF Channel 68 throughout the day.

– No swimmer should be swimming alone without a support craft alongside. Doing so will result in disqualification

– Motor boats must keep safe distance (50 feet) from swimmers except when making a swimmer exchange. Islamorada Police and Coast Guard will have the authority to disqualify teams if safety boats encroach on safe distances to swimmers, no exceptions.

– Wear the bright swim cap given… if you overheat, you may take it off, however continue a forward motion if you have no swim cap.

– If you become in distress, remove the cap and wave it in the air.

Things you need to Know:

–       Hotel: We recommend the Moorings Resort as they have been a very generous host of this amazing swim.  If the pricing is a bit out of your budget range, we have a list of several different options at this link:

–       Friday Morning: Wake up and Swim with Jon Olsen and Jeremy Linn, the Friends of the Pool, and the Fighting Manatees at Founders Park Pool’s beautiful 50 Meter pool.

–       Enjoy fishing from Bud N’ Mary’s during the day on Friday or experience Keys style life by spending a day on a boat or beach.

–       Pre Race Check In: On Friday Afternoon, From 2PM- 8PM, collect all the goodies we have prepared for you including an official race t-shirt and swim cap.

–       You must join us at the registration cocktail for a Safety Briefing at 5PM or 6PM, your choice, before the fun begins for the weekend. We will provide any last minute tips and important notice for the official swim the following morning.

–       Friday, Evening, please join us for a Pasta Dinner at The MOOSE Lodge for only $15.  You will get to know the area well. Please RSVP for this so that your name can be on the list upon arrival by reserving your dinners online via the REGISTER NOW button on

–       Saturday: Wake up early as the swim starts at 8AM sharp.  There will be individual waves for each 4 man team utilizing a motor boat.  The first waves will be the 4 person relays, as soon as all 4-man teams have left, there will be a final 2 man and individual wave sent off.  There is plenty of space for all Small Craft to start with their swimmers.  For all motorized support vessels, there will be a designated buoy area where the first swimmer may enter the water.  Boats will have to navigate out about 200 yards before the first swimmer can enter the water. Please enter the water feet first from your boats.

–       Kayak Rental: For Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals, please email, they will deliver and pick up your rental equipment.  They may also have kayakers available for hire.

–       We are also recruiting Kayakers and have already developed a list.  Please email us your contact info and we will try and put you in touch directly with a kayaker, ultimately, it is your responsibility to secure support staff.

–       Hydration and Feeding: This swim is a self supported swim, each swimmer is responsible to bring enough food, meal replacement items, and hydration.  We will have hydration and goodies on shore for you to gather, BUT IT WILL NOT BE ENOUGH. PLEASE COME PREPARED FOR THE CHALLENGE.  IF YOU FAIL TO PREPARE: PREPARE TO FAIL!!!

–       Awards Ceremony: The awards ceremony and a FREE BBQ for all registered swimmers will take place at 4PM on the beach at the MOORINGS (Race Site). Make sure you arrange to stick around as Islamorada Beer Company has sponsored the event and there will be live music.

Find the race results from the 2013 edition at