Swim For Alligator Lighthouse - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I spend the time reading all the questions?

We have found that if you read the FAQs then most of your questions will be answered, and this will save you and Alligator Lighthouse Staff time answering questions that have already been answered numerous times.

Q2. What are the directions to the race site?

Click here for Google directions to Amara Cay Resort

Q3. Can I change my category or team?

Once you are assigned to the team you must stay with that 2/3/4-person team, you cannot substitute someone else due to insurance purposes. Packets and athlete’s items will be ordered based on the amount of swimmers in all categories. In a few cases changes can be made at packet pick up under special circumstances. There will be nor changes after registration has closed.

Q4. When does online registration close?

Registration will close once each category has reached our goal of swimmers. We will provide a wait list if a category has a vacancy. The goal is to service all pre-registered swimmers with the best service, so please keep in mind there will be no changes to categories and teams within two weeks of the planned swim.

Q5. When is packet pick up?

Packet Pick up is at the Amara Cay Resort. Thursday September 13th 4-6pm in the conference room. Friday September 14th 12-7pm in the conference room. Saturday only for extreme cases 5:45am-6:45am. You MUST bring a photo ID and sign a waiver. You cannot pick up someone else’s packet. All relays must check in and show ID and sign a waiver. Solo swimmers, your kayak support person must check in and sign a waiver.

Q6. Are the Safety Meetings Mandatory?

Safety meetings will be conducted 1pm/3pm/6pm. We request that all swimmers and support kayakers be present for all least one of these meetings. We will go over valuable information and requirements for all swimmers and kayakers. There will be Q and A’s for each meeting. There will be a final safety meeting on Saturday, but it will be limited to 15 minutes.

Q7. What type of kayak should I bring or rent?

We have produced this event for 4 years and we recommend a (sit on top) at least 12-14 ft. long able to handle choppy water conditions. We rent kayaks, or you can bring your own but remember it is your safety 4 miles out in the Atlantic. We reserve the right to reject any support vessel, we think is not up to the standards for safety. Please do not ask about bringing a paddle board of any type, these are not made for conditions 4 miles off shore.

Q8. What if I rented a kayak, where do I get it for the race?

You can pick your kayak up and stage it on the beach on Friday 12-7pm. Once you get your packet and you and your kayaker sign your waivers, you will get a kayak number and flag to be put on your kayak. Kayak support will have a list of rented kayaks for swimmers. Be sure you rented the correct kayak and if bringing a kayak, it is approved by support staff.

Q9. What does my support person need to know?

They need to know how to and be capable of kayaking at 1-8 miles depending on support for Solos/2-person/3-person/4-person team. Support is for support of the swimmers so please do not plan to bring your mother-in-law/best friend or boy/girlfriend or someone you met last night out on the course. Support kayakers must sign a waiver and show ID and will be presented with a wristband for access to the swim course. We do not have the support craft to ferry people back to shore once the swim has started. Safety is key to the swimmers and kayakers.

Q10. Power Boats?

As a committee our goal at this event is to reduce power boat traffic on the swim course. We are asking that all solos swimmers have a support kayaker only. We also encourage all 2 person/3 person and 4-person teams to rent or bring kayaks for support. Please help us help you. All power boats are required to stay 100ft from the line of swimming buoys at all times. If a boat is found in the swimming lane they will be accessed a penalty of 4 minutes to the relay finish time. If a boat is noted a second time in the swimming lane, they will be disqualified from the event. Pilots must shut off engines while making any transfers of relay swimmers. Safety Flags when changing swimmers. The Alligator Lighthouse Swim is an alcohol-free event during the hours of 7:45am-3:00pm. We prohibit alcohol on the swim course. Please swim and operate your boats and kayaks Responsibly.

Q11. Will there be a gear check?

We will provide you with a gear check bag provided by our sponsor Rex Air. Your bag will be numbered, and you can put your name and leave gear bag at Gear Bag Tent.

Q12. What is the water temperature?

Click here to find the water temperature

Q13. Do I have to wear the race swim cap?

Yes, you must wear the swim cap. Caps are provided by our sponsor in various colors depending on your category. The cap colors helps support officials know which wave you left in and we are able to see the swimmers in the water. Swim caps must be worn for entire swim.  

Q14. Are fins snorkel, and/or wet suit allowed?

Yes, they are all allowed, but not required. Based on the water temp we WOULD recommend not wearing a wet suit. This will put you in an equipment category and disqualified you from awards

Q15. How will we be scored and see our results.

Scoring will be done with disposable timing chips worn on your ankle. Each swimmer will be assigned a chip to wear during the swim. You must wear the chip during the entire swim in order to be scored. If you do not complete the course, please let an official know and turn in your chip for documentation. Solo swimmers must cross the timing mat in order to be scored. All teams can either have one swimmer cross the mat or finish as a team it is up to you. You must climb the stairs and finish under the inflatable arch. Great photo opportunity for everyone.

Q16. Will there be showers post swim?

We will be providing 3 showers for your post-race swim. Fresh water after a swim is always a must so there will be three locations with fresh showers. The Amara Cay Resort also has the large pool less than 30 yards from the finish line. Remember to reclaim your personal effects from the Gear bag tent once finish.

Q17. Parking day of event?

Parking will be available across the street for swimmers not staying at Amara Cay Resort. Do not park at Amara Cay/La Siesta without a window permit or they will tow you. Parking is limited due to the size of the venue. Please arrive early to off load gear and park. There is no fee for parking. Be careful crossing the main highway. Sheriff will be on site to assist.

Q18. Will there be food provided at race site?

Some Nutrients and water will be provided pre-swim and after the swim. You must provide your own nutrition for the swim portion of the event. Post-race awards party can be attended by purchasing tickets on line. Amara Cay will be also providing buffet service during the event for spectators on Saturday. There will be a charge for this service.

Q19. Will apparel be sold?

Yes, apparel will be sold on race day (towels, caps, tee shirts) while supplies last. There will be merchandise sold by some of our sponsors pre-event and day of the event while supplies last.

Q20. Will there be awards?

Every finisher will get a medal for finishing the swim portion of the event. There are awards in each category and we will be providing those at the post race dinner at La Siesta Resort. Swimmers also receive a commemorative towel, swim cap and swag bag from the event. Everyone is a winner at SAL.

Q21. Will there be an awards party?

There will be an awards party at the La Siesta Resort 6:30-8:30pm on Saturday September 15th. You must purchase tickets if you plan to attend since we have limited seating. You can purchase on line during registration or at the packet pick up if available.

Q22. What type of safety support is being used?

We work with all local authorities and the Coast Guard to provide a safe course for all swimmers and kayakers. We will have support craft along with wave runners and transport craft on the swim course. We need your help to provide safety. If you see something on the course that threatens the safety of others, please contact the support craft in the area. Safety is paramount to the success of this event.

Q23. What happens if the event if postponed or cancelled?

Safety is our number one priority at this event. Should a situation arise where the event must be postponed or cancelled we will consider all options that will allow you the opportunity to race. Should safety be compromised, we will offer the appropriate remedies to allow you to participate with us in future events. Should a situation arise we will post updates on a daily basis leading up to the event on the website.

Q24. Do we have to check in the day before?

Yes, all participants are required to check in the day before to ensure the race can start on time on race day. We will have 3 safety meetings on Friday to ensure everyone is aware of the safety rules and what is expected of swimmers and kayakers. There will be a final safety meeting the morning before the swim start to make sure everyone understands the rules.

Q25. What are the time limits?

You must be able to complete the swim in less than 8 hours 7:45am-3:45pm This means that if there is a zero current, then you should be able to swim 1 open water mile in about 45-50 minutes. All swimmers must be to the Alligator Lighthouse within 3 hours and 30 minutes of their start time. If you’re not with the final 1 mile of the swim finish within 7 hours, you may be pulled by a safety boat and shuttled to the finish. The goal is to help every swimmer achieve their goal….help us, help you and leave the drama at home, train for the event.

Q26. Is the event sanctioned and insured?

The event is fully sanctioned and insured through WOWSA. They will provide the insurance and sanctioning to insure we produce and safe and fun event for everyone.

Q27. What time does the event start?

The event will start at 7:45 AM. • Wave #1 7:45-7:50am Solo Swimmers Yellow caps • Wave #2 7:52am 2-person teams Green caps • Wave #3 7:54am 3-person teams Pink caps • Wave #4 8:00am 4-person teams one minuter per boat Orange caps

Q28. How do I train for this event?

You will want to swim as much as you can. Take the time to swim in the open water, especially if you are used to pool swimming and getting comfortable with waves and tides and rougher conditions.

Q29. How do I view my race results?

Race results will be available on the Facebook page and on the http://www.floridaroadrace.com/. Results will be posted at event site and awards ceremony. Links will be emailed post-race time.

Q30. When registrations open for 2019?

Registration will open the Monday after the 2018 event. We plan to offer our 2018 swimmers a special so stay tuned and be ready to take advantage of this discount.

Q31. Can I wear a GPS/Apple/Garmin Watch during the swim?

Yes you can wear a GPS device for distance and timing. We do not recommend wearing any type of jewelry it will attract larger fish.