Swim for Alligator Lighthouse Issuing Refunds to Those In Need

Friends, this may break us, but we decided to issue refunds to those in need. If you live in Monroe County, we've already begun to issue refunds. If you don't live in Monroe Country, we're giving you the option, with hopes that if you have not been impacted, that you will consider your registration a donation. All registrants will receive an e-mail from info@swimalligatorlight.com that will include a very brief survey regarding how we can use your registration fees. We realize so many have been hit hard, that we can't just refund Monroe County swimmers, despite our no refund policy, It is what it is, and those small amounts of dollars will go a long way for many in need. 

These refunds will be for thousands of dollars and will definitely impact the 2018 swim. 

Many of you have asked how you can help. Our first priority is the Florida Keys. And we're certain plenty of nonprofits are raising money to assist in these areas. Our next priority is the 2018 Swim. We've created this link to help our organization get through next year - so we can plan an amazing Swim for Alligator Lighthouse and carry out the mission of Friends of the Pool. This isn't a priority at this point in time. However, If you're a fan of our swim, you are welcome to help us balance out these refunds by an additional donation through accessing this link - only because many of you have asked how you can help the Swim for Alligator Lighthouse.




Betsy Keteltas