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The Swim for Alligator Lighthouse will be capped at 400 swimmers. We expect the swim to sell out. We are encouraging all teams to use kayak support - however, support boats are still welcome for 3 person and 4 person teams. Support boat captains will have to check in at one of the three safety meetings on Friday to have your boat documented and numbered. Our goal is to reduce boat traffic on the swim course. Solo, 2-person, 3-person, and 4-person relays are limited to the following number of registrants:

Solo - (100) swimmers

2-person - (40) 2-person teams (80 swimmers)

3-person - (20) 3-person teams (60 swimmers)

4-person - (40) 4-person teams (160 swimmers)

The producers reserve the right to adjust these numbers as necessary depending on swim registrants.